Thursday, 28 June 2012

Healthy ice cream. Yes, seriously!!

This is this summer's best healthy dessert. Hands down, nothing compares. Usually all the healthy dessert recipes look really good when you see the pictures online, but when you make it yourself, it turns out to look like something that has been twice regurgitated, and tastes even worse. But this, it really works, and it is really great. I'm not just saying, I really love this. And I can't believe it contains no added sugar. 

I stumbled on this idea on Pinterest (my new addiction), and it linked to the recipe on Use Real Butter. Well, it's not actually a recipe, since it's pretty much just one single ingredient. All you need is a frozen banana or two, and a food processor. This is just so brilliant, finally a dessert that tastes amazing and can be eaten without any guilt whatsoever. Ok, well it is still high carb, but a banana every once in a while can't be bad. From now on, I will always keep banana discs in the freezer, just in case.

Running into ideas like this make me so happy I just would want to jump for joy, sing and smile like an idiot.
Banana ice cream (2 servings):
2 bananas
2 tbsp nut butter (I used macadamia butter)
2 tbsp cocoa (I always use Green&Black organic cocoa, it's *the best*)

The howto:
Slice the bananas and freeze until frozen solid (a few hours or over night). When frozen, blend in food processor until they get white and fluffy. According to the original recipe, the bananas first become "like gravel" and you need to scrape them off the sides of the food processor several times while processing. Mine went fluffy and creamy really quickly. Then add nut butter and cocoa, and give another quick blend. Enjoy immediately or freeze first for a more ice-cream than soft ice cream consistency.

One serving contains 251 kcal (13g fat, 34g carbs of which 17g sugar and 4g protein).

The verdict: 
If you didn't work it out from the introduction, I LOVE THIS!! It's one of the best healthy dessert ideas I have ever come across. And I will be making this a lot. With as many different variations I can imagine. Almond butter, berries, maybe caramel (although of course then it won't be healthy anymore), I'll try it with my chocolate, orange and cinnamon balsamic vinegar, maybe a variation with lemon curd and lemon zest. What else... Jam, mango puree, white chocolate cocoa, cardamom. Oh and raisins, rum raisins, that would be brilliant! 
A few mini fudge bites sprinkled on top

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