Thursday, 13 December 2012

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It seems like Christmastime is the time for cookies in the US. Ok, to be honest, seems like any time is cookie time in the US. But I have noticed a significant increase in cookie recipes on food blogs recently. Every food blog and their friend are doing cookie recipes. There is no way I will have time to bake any cookies before Christmas, I'm currently struggling with even making room for working and sleeping. And watching Big Bang Theory marathons. It's brilliant. I love Sheldon Cooper.

Anyways, as I'm so busy lying on my sofa and watching Big Bang Theory, I don't think there will be any Christmas cookie baking for me this year. And I have to say, it's not a big Finnish Christmas tradition anyways. We bake gingerbread, and that's pretty much it. At least in my family. But there are so many lovely Christmas cookie recipes around, I thought I would make a summary of a few really good ones that have popped up in my RSS feed recently. Maybe I can try them after Christmas. Oh, except after Christmas I start my new life. Which has no sugar in it. At least until I can squeeze my butt back into my jeans. But maybe next Christmas?

Is there anything more Christmas-y than cranberries? Well obviously lingonberries. But as they are not available in these parts of the world, cranberries are the closest substitute, and these recipes look absolutely delicious.
Cranberry ginger sugar cookies from 365 Days of Baking
Cranberry cashew chocolate chip cookies from Cookies and Cups
I have seen recipes for these chocolate crinkles on many cooking and baking blogs, so you might have seen some variation of these before. They look absolutely delicious.
Chocolate crinkles from AJ's cooking secrets
Then there is this whole thing about Christmas and peppermint. To be honest, I had never associated peppermint with Christmas, it's not a thing in Finland. Or maybe it is, and I'm just totally oblivious to it. I'm very sceptical about the whole thing, but I would be willing to give it a try. And the recipes below sound like good places to start. 
Peppermint sugar cookies from Bakerella. Gorgeous!!
Peppermint white chocolate chip cookies from Closet Cooking
Peppermint dream butter cookies from Recipe girl
This is a nice twist on the traditional gingerbread.
Chewy Gingerbread Cookies with Double Chocolate Chunks from Lulu the Baker
I love buttermilk, so any excuse to use it are always welcome in my book.
Buttermilk chocolate cookies from Barefoot and Baking
And to end, a few different types of butter cookies. Make one, make two, make them all.
Swedish dream cookies by One Perfect Bite
Scotch shortbread and Berlinerkranser from Simply so Good
Well, those should keep you busy for a while. Hopefully you find an interesting recipe to try, and have a look at the wonderful food blogs featured here. And maybe I can squeeze in a batch of one of these cookies somewhere in my busy Big Bang Theory watching schedule.

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