Sunday, 11 May 2014

Garden update

I thought it would be time for another garden update as it's been a while. I'm still cut off the Interwebs, so I'm blogging from my iPad which gets just enough of a signal on 3G for me to be able to post, but don't expect much text as typing on a virtual keypad is not all too much fun. But at least I'm not completely cut off from the outside world. The Culinary Consultant is on the phone yet again to the ISP, but they are useless as usual.

Anyhows, on to better things than dysfunctional Internet connections. This week the garden is all about the fruit trees. You can already see lots of fruit developing, I'm excitedly keeping track of everything. If all goes well, there will be quite a bit of cherries, pears and plums again this year. There is even a few apricots developing, last year we didn't get a single apricot and I'm hoping the birds won't eat all this year, so we would at least get a small taster.

Let's start out in the greenhouse:

Tomato plants are turning into a jungle!
The lettuce and coriander are doing well, the basil got eaten by slugs, so I planted some more basil in pots where they hopefully can't reach it.

Courgettes are going through quite a growth spurt

Baby grapes!

Then a look outside in the garden:

The engineer in the house built a support frame for the corn

Garlic shoots and some leeks In the background

Hopefully this means there will be plenty of strawberries this year

And then the fruit trees:

Plenty of plums

The fine figs

Cheerful cherries

Amazing apricots

And to finish, a few non-edible garden delights:



  1. Eipä ihme, ettei töihin tee mieli kun on tuollaiset antimien alut ja touhut kotipihalla. Näpsäkkä keksintö tuo insinöörinkasvintukiteline ja säädettävä kaiken lisäksi. Ovat taimet jo niin korkeita , ettei niihin etanat yletä.
    Mukavaa kun kuvaat puutarhaasi iloksemme. Ei ole meikä muorin jokapäivää!
    Loppuosan tuntemattomat yritän selvittää mutta eikös se vika ollut pioni, sun ylppärikukka. Täälä korvasienisaldo 0, liikuntasaldo aianakin10.

    1. Vika ON pioni, toka vika akilleijasukua ja kolkkivika sukulentti elikkä mehikasveihin kuuluva yksilö.