Monday, 21 July 2014

Garden update

This time the garden update is a flower update. If you are following the blog on Facebook you know I bought "a few" flowers the other day as I got tired of the complete lack of flowers in our flower beds. I was going to leave all flower related garden issues to worry about next year, but I decided to just bite the bullet and get on top of it all now. The sooner it's done, the sooner there will be colourful flowers in the garden. I tried to buy flowers that wouldn't grow much higher than the little brick wall behind them, as behind the wall are just open fields and winds often get very strong and tend to blow over anything that is growing in the flower beds. I also tried to find anything that said "hardy" on the label as I got a bit of a reputation for not being very good at keeping plants alive.

The actual planting process was rather painful as whatever old flowers were left had clearly been in there for ages and developed roots that reached all the way to China. It would have been ok if I could just have dug everything up. But there are clusters of daffodil bulbs in there, so I didn't want to overhaul everything out of fear of damaging the bulbs. So clearing up the flower beds and making them ready for the new inhabitants took quite a while. It took three days from the time I got home from work to evening dusk to get it all in place, and now I'm hoping that I will be able to keep it all alive through the summer and hopefully next year the flowerbeds will require much less upkeep.


Dahlias in bright colours

I love the colour of both the flowers and foliage on this dragon flower.
Some lilies, both in pink and yellow. Sadly the beautiful flowers got smashed up in the rain storm.

I couldn't resist getting another hydrangea as the one we already have seems to like it here.
I bought a pink lavender to complement the blue one we already have.
Elsewhere in the garden there is also a bit of flowering going on:
The funny little succulent that grows under the pink hydrangea is producing these lovely pale pink flowers.

The honeysuckle is staring to get a bit old and woody and may need to be completely cut down but I will worry about that in the fall.
The oregano flowers are beautiful and there is plenty of them.
I don't know what this funny little thing is, but it's probably a weed as it's ubiquitous in the garden.
Although the damn birds have eaten most of our fruit off the trees there are still a few apricots in the tree and we hope we get to taste one this year as last year there were none left to taste.
The pears are coming along well, but there is still months to go...

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