Monday, 23 April 2012

I don't like Mondays

To get in the right mood, you might want to listen to this... Can we just skip Mondays altogether? Gone is that wonderful freedom of waking up when you want (well as long as it's before gym classes start...) and having a lazy breakfast consisting of muffins or pancakes or whatever other yummy thing you can come up with. Instead, five days of slaving away at the salt mines ahead. 

I was thinking, is there anything you could do to make Monday mornings a little bit less painful? Well, maybe it would be possible to have something really tasty and uplifting for breakfast at least. But it has to be really quick. Of course the leftovers from Sunday's brunch are always a good way to go, give the muffins or pancakes a quick re-heating and maybe a drizzle of maple syrup. But it wouldn't be terribly exciting to blog about leftovers, now would it. Then I came up with the perfect solution. Alcohol! 

Truth is, I have been craving rum raisins for a while, after stumbling upon them in several recipes. Embarrassing fact, but I can actually eat unbelievable amounts of raisins in one sitting, I can't stock them at home as I will immediately destroy a whole big pack. One evening I even ate raisins despite having some chocolate in the house. Not saying I would think raisins are better than chocolate, don't get me wrong here, but sometimes I just have this overwhelming craving for the small, sweet, wrinkly, underrated gems of goodness. 

I made rum raisins a few months ago for some chocolate pralines (which turned out to be a horrible disaster but are on the list of things that just need a bit of R&D) and had some rum raisins left over. So I had them for pudding together with yoghurt, and that was an absolutely divine combo. I decided to throw in some other dried fruits in addition to raisins (well, the truth is I didn't have any raisins at home, but some leftover raisin-berry mix). I acknowledge that this is not the most nutrient rich breakfast, but hey, it's Monday morning... 

Rum and raisin-cherry-cranberry yoghurt 
Greek style, organic, full fat yoghurt (yes, don't even think of using any of those bland low fat horrible watery concoctions for this)
raisins and/or dried berry mix
dark rum

The howto:
Make sure you read through the instructions very carefully before you begin as preparation of this dish is very complicated. Take raisins/berries and put in a container, add a splash of rum, put on a lid, give a vigorous shake and marinate in the fridge overnight (shake the container a few times before you go to bed if you remember). In the morning, scoop some yoghurt onto a plate, pour over the marinated yummyness. Finish off with chopped nuts or as I did, some leftover orange curd I made on Friday.

Well, you can guess that estimating nutritional info for this is a bit hard, as it depends on serving size, type of berries, and type of yoghurt among other things. I use 100g of full fat, Greek style yoghurt and 25 g dried berry mix and about 1 tbsp of rum. This comes to approximately 230 kcal (9.6g fat, 24g carbs and 5.0g protein).

The verdict:
When my alarm clock went off on Monday I jumped out of bed with a big grin on my face thinking of my brekkie. Ok, so maybe not quite, but the thought of it got me through my morning workout. And it is heavenly, the almost too sweet berries, the kick of the booze and the velvety softness of the yoghurt. Too bad this is high on carbs, otherwise I wouldn't mind having it every morning. 

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