Sunday, 15 June 2014

Garden update

It's been a while since the last garden update, so here are the most recent updates from the InvisiblePinkGarden. I can't believe strawberries and raspberries are starting to ripen, I have already managed a few sneak tasters and hoping soon the will be oodles to enjoy.

Raspberries!!! Could I be more excited???
My very own strawberries! They taste amazing.
Blackcurrants are starting to turn black.
We have already harvested a few courgettes, a there is more to come.
Cucumbers number two and three waiting for the picking.
So many tomatoes, now I'm just waiting from them to start turning red.
It seems like it will be a good grape year.
We have baby peppers!! I can't believe we are growing our own peppers.

The hydrangea is starting to bloom (hey, did you notice, I knew the
name of one of the flowers in our garden!!!)
Another poppy, this one was quite funny looking.
I had to finish off with another rose. I love love love my roses.

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