Sunday, 6 April 2014

Garden update

I can't believe it's been a week since my last garden update. Lots of stuff going on in the garden. I never get tired of looking at my little seedlings, and will therefore expose you to more seedling pictures. 

It hasn't been very sunny for the last week, but the good thing is that night temperatures have been higher than the weeks before, and not quite dipping down close to zero anymore. It's usually been around 6 degrees when I have left the house in the morning, and you don't experience that horrible cold front hitting you when opening the door in the morning. 

The weekend has been cloudy but not too cold, this morning when I went out at 7.30 am to harvest some rhubarb for my rhubarb scones it didn't feel too cold. And I can see everything in the garden picking up on the fact that spring is here and it's time to grow. Forecasts for next week are unfortunately a bit colder than this week, but here's to hoping it won't be too cold as many of the seedlings would probably not be too happy about a sudden chill. Next year I really need to pace myself and not plant in March, but wait until April which will probably give me better odds to keep things alive.

Garlics have grown so quickly you
won't believe it!
Seedlings from the tomato seeds we saved
from last year's crop. Too bad I didn't keep the
different cultivars separate, it will be a
total surprise what we will get.
Only one courgette seedling out of about ten
(which is pretty close to what I was expecting)
has survived so far, but it's looking good!
A courgette being born!
Sweetcorn is growing strong. It's a funny
multi-coloured variety, I hope it will survive to
produce an actual crop, if for no other reason
that to see what the cobs look like!
The first cherry blossoms!!! 
I will never get tired of the miracle of asparagus.
Looks like we are having some asparagus with our
burgers tonight! 
The rest of the pictures are of pretty
flowers in the garden. Yes, that's as
much as I have to say about them,
as I have no clue as to what they
are, but that doesn't stop me from
enjoying them! If they are weeds,
please don't tell me, and let me keep
believing they are supposed to be there.

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