Monday, 28 April 2014

Garden update

The internet wasn't playing ball at all yesterday, today it's a bit patchy but seems to be up for now. Better get this post written really quickly before it decides to disappear again. On the positive side, all this time without internet has gotten me back in the habit of reading a book instead of blogs before bedtime. It's a long time since I finished any books, but now I am over halfway through the third Game of Thrones. It took my brain a while to get back into reading mode, I was struggling to read for any length of time, but the last few days I've spent hours reading. Brain is back in gear. 

In the garden, the main feature is the apple tree which is stunningly beautiful in full bloom. Hoping there will be lots of insects out there pollinating so we will have loads of apples. Hopefully they will be better than the ones we had last year which were full of black spots. Other than that, we are suffering from a major slug problem in the greenhouse and a major rabbit problem in the garden. Bye bye lettuce.

The apple tree is gorgeous.

Methinks we have a slug problem?
And the same aubergine, or should I say ex-aubergine a few days later...
Baby pears, can't wait for them to grow big and strong and tasty.
Success with sweet peppers, after the first batch just refused to germinate.
This year's first strawberry flowers.

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