Monday, 21 April 2014

Garden update

I missed last week's garden update partly due to pure laziness and partly due to losing heart a little bit. To be honest, most of the pictures below are courtesy of the efforts of the Culinary Consultant. He has really been digging in (yes, pun intended, although it's awkward) and worked hard to improve the soil in the greenhouse and the little allotment we have right by the garden. My seedlings are mostly dead or dying or just simply really tiny and hardly growing. I guess it's partly due to planting them too early and possibly a bit of overwatering as well. Luckily the Culinary Consultant has a greener thumb than I do. He planted a second round of courgettes, marrows and sweet peppers (my sweet peppers never made an appearance). We also got some tomato plants from our neighbour and peas, courgettes and cucumbers from the Culinary Consultant's Dad, so we will hopefully get some crops this summer as well despite my utter failure as a gardener. 

Tree update:
The pear tree is in full bloom.

As is the cherry tree.

More cherry blossoms (and you can bet your bottom 
I have dozens of photos of them).

The first few apple blossoms, more to come 
in the next few days. This really shows how much
earlier spring comes here than at home, as I'm used
to having apple trees in flower on my birthday in late
May, not in late April. Although it has been an rather
early spring this year.

In the greenhouse:

The one and only of my courgettes that survived the
great courgette death of 2014.

Marrows (left) and courgettes planted by the Culinary Consultant,
growing well and healthy. Not quite sure where we will 
fit them all, but I'm sure we can work it out somehow.

The Culinary Consultant decided to buy some tomato
plants from the garden centre as he doesn't have faith
in my tomato seedlings. Also some garlic planted
between the tomato plants.

The first tomato flower of 2014.

My teeny tiny tomato plants, but I have faith in them,
they will grow big and strong in no time!

I found some purple basil growing in an abandoned
pot in the corner of the garden I was going to get rid of.
Thankfully I realised what was in it, and hopefully
I will have load sof basil later in the summer.

The vines which looked completely dead just a few
weeks ago are growing like crazy. I bet if you would 
stand there and stare at them for a while, you could 
actually see them grow!

The oregano is going wild!

Black currant flowers. I think... at least that's what Google said.

Future black currants, can't wait. Last year the black currants
just shrivelled and disappeared before ripening.

Happy Easter!

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