Sunday, 16 March 2014

Garden update

Just dropping by with a brief post with some updates from the garden. The weather has been so uncharacteristically wonderful (uncharacteristic for this time of year as well as this island in general...) that numerous things have happened in the garden in one short week since my last post. It is so rewarding to see so many changes in such a short time. Here's to hoping it will stay warm and that we will have an early spring and no more cold nights so that my little seedlings don't get hurt!

I am also very excited that we finally got our compost bin delivered and the Culinary Consultant will be setting it up tomorrow and I can finally start recycling both our garden waste as well as select biodegradable waste from the kitchen. According to the forecast tomorrow should be record warm so hopefully it will be a good starting point for the compost to get going, and next year we will have some quality organic compost for our garden.

Currently we are daffodil central. White, yellow,
white and orange... They are so lovely!
First flowers start to appear on the apricot tree. We didn't
get any apricots last year, let's see if there will be any this year.
The teeny tiny asparagus shoot that had just
 made it above ground last week has already grown
 big. I just can't stop myself from being so excited
 about the asparagus, I go out there as often as I
can to have a look.
Several of the seeds I sowed just over a week and
a half ago have already germinated. Rocket, basil, a few
tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, onions and radishes
so far. The little seedling in the picture is a cucumber.
Now if I can only keep them alive!!

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