Friday, 7 March 2014


We interrupt our usual program with this short announcement... Spring is coming!! More than anything I am hoping this is it, spring for real, and no late snow and frosty nights. It has been so nice the last few days, and today it was really nice and warm in the sun. Our garden has sprung to life almost literally over night, and I just had to share some pictures. Can't wait for everything to grow, some of the herbs have got through the mild winter very well, so can't wait for warm weather, lots of fast growth and my own herbs at my disposal at any time.
Rosemary in bloom
Curry plant and tarragon going strong 
I planted quite an excess of seeds just in case the
germination rate would be really low... Time will tell.
Four days later rocket seeds have germinated!!!
Now I need to keep them alive and growing...
I thought the Easter bunny was visiting. Sadly, it turned out
the bunny only had one eye, and even that one was badly
infected. Poor bunny...
Plenty of daffodils 
We have asparagus!!! I almost fainted from
happiness when I found the little bud.

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