Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring interrupted

This week's spring watch is a bit gloomy, as my little seedlings aren't faring very well with all this frigid weather. And to be honest, I'm not faring very well with the cold either, I am sick and tired of constantly being cold to my bones, only managing to get truly warm while driving my car and blasting all heaters on maximum. If the weather doesn't turn more spring-like soon, I will bury myself in my bed and not get out until the sun is shining and it's at least ten degrees in the morning. I have been standing in the icy rain waiting for buses for longer than I care to think of lately. And how come the bus is always late on the rainy and windy days? But keep on believing, and maybe the spring will come eventually. 

I don't know what this is, but it's very
pretty with it's yellow flowers.
I found a few of these little pink fellows hiding
 behind the daffodils in the flower bed.
I have now harvested my first two spears of
asparagus. We enjoyed them the other night,
and I can honestly say it was the best asparagus
I have ever had. Cant wait for more of the same!
The vines are springing to life!
Pollination going on around the rosemary bush.
Some more pretty flowers which I have no idea what they are...

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