Sunday, 30 March 2014

Garden update

It's the end of another week, and that means it's time to see what has happened in the garden during the last seven days. The weekend was absolutely lovely and warm, Saturday was sunny and today was ok and warm although not sunny. We spent quite a while both today and yesterday in the garden, I was mostly weeding and cleaning up the borders and the Culinary Consultant was busy in the greenhouse turning the soil and improving it. I'm actually surprised I enjoy gardening as much as I do, I used to hate weeding, whereas now I get such satisfaction from seeing a nice and clean, weed-free bed in the garden. I did my bit in the garden today and thought I had been outside for a bit more than an hour, but turns out I had been out there for over three hours! Time just flies. And there is so much to be done, it's just never ending. This year will just be a year of discovery, to see what grows where and the slowly starting to make decisions of what to keep for next year, what works, what we like, and what will end up going. And seeing the garden change almost every day now that the growing season is in full swing is just magical.

The plum tree is in flower, and I swear the flowers
 appeared over night. Previous day nothing, next day
a tree full of beautiful flowers. 
Can anyone say rhubarb pie!?!
Raspberries are growing strong, and I
spent a good while weeding out things
from the undergrowth to give the raspberries
maximum access to all the nutrients in the
soil. Hopefully that means more berries when
 that time comes around.
Not long before the pear tree is in bloom. 
Basil seedling are going strong. Hopefully I will be able to
keep them alive and will have a load of basil this summer.
I think basil is my all time favourite herb.
These pretty fellows turned up in the flower bed.
The mint is starting to grow, I really need
 to come up with ways to use it as we have
 an almost endless amount of mint.
Looks like we will be having asparagus
 this week as well, and this time more
 than just two spears.

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